17 July 2018

Worked for food and shelter

Moving from one place to another was Carlos's life when he came to look for work in Johannesburg. He stayed with his aunt who provided for him financially until he was chased out because of his bad behaviour.

"I dated older women and my aunt was not pleased with that kind of behaviour. She complained until she grew tired of me and chased me out of her house," said Carlos.

He then moved in with a friend who lived in a small shack.

"We shared a single bed, but I had food to eat every day. My friend became tired of supporting me financially. He started complaining about food and I was even afraid to eat when I was hungry because I was such a burden to him. He eventually chased me out of his shack six months later," he said.

Carlos then moved in with his sister who lived with her husband.

"I avoided living with them because I was unemployed and they also had financial difficulties. I slept on the floor in their dining room. We sometimes did not have food to eat and slept on empty stomachs, but I was grateful that I had a roof over my head," he said.

A man he knew from his country offered Carlos a welding job in exchange for food and accommodation. "I did not have a choice, because I was also tired of depending on other people for food and accommodation. I worked for a year before l found another temporary job. I then rented my own place and could feed myself," said Carlos.

In 2000 he was invited to the Universal Church and attended the church services because he was tired of living in misery.

"I took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and asked God to bless my finances. I started a welding company and it is making good profit for me. Now I can afford the good things in life. I no longer depend on people for food or accommodation. I have a house of my own. God restored my dignity and removed the shame of moving from one place to another and depending on others," said Carlos. 

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