07 February 2018

I realised I was empty without God

When Grace took a leap of faith and came to the Universal Church after a long year of illness, she received more than she bargained for.

"For a year I coughed painfully every day. My cough gave me the worst chest pains that weakened my body. I could not bend or do house chores because of how weak and painful my body was. When I went to the doctors, they initially told me I had tuberculosis (TB) and later said it was HIV. However, all the tests they ran came back negative. Instead, I was repeatedly given antibiotics that never helped me. At night I slept for only a few hours because I would be up coughing," she said.

 After a long year of having health challenges, Grace took a leap of faith and went to Universal Church.

"I knew about the church, but I was doubtful because of all the bad things some people said about it. I remember one morning I woke up feeling hopeless and confused by my health issues. I decided to go to the church because I wanted to talk to God in His house. On my arrival at the church I found the pastor giving people blessed water to drink.  He said that those who were ill should drink the water and believe that God was going to help them. That night I slept well right through the night. I started coming to the church on a daily basis because I saw the power of God and I believed that He could also bless me with a job," she said.

Before the end of that week Grace's sister called her to come to Johannesburg as she had found her a job.

"I worked at a laundromat.  God was opening more doors for me. I lived with my sister in Johannesburg for a short while before I rented my own place. I was surprised at how God works as I regained my financial independence," she said. 

It was after she attended the church's Good Friday event at Ellis Park stadium in 2017 that Grace realised she needed to develop her relationship with God and her spiritual life.

"I had seen the healing power of God in my life but I was not mature in my spiritual life. Coming to the church was a religious act for me because I felt I needed to belong to one. However, Bishop Marcelo Pires's preaching at the stadium challenged me to build a strong relationship with God and invite the Holy Spirit into my life.  I attended church services that helped me grow in my spiritual life. Today I have the spirit of God in me that gives me the assurance of my salvation," she said.   

Medical Disclaimer: The Universal Church does not claim to heal anyone, but believes that through the power of faith in the name of Jesus, a person can receive healing. Those under medical treatment are advised to continue taking prescribed medication and following their doctors instructions.

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