23 January 2018

I sometimes missed school because i was ill

From the age of 10, Alicia was a sickly child. She had migraines, stomach aches or body pains that kept her away from school.

"My ill-health stopped me from playing with other children and turned me into a loner. If it was not migraines, it would be stomach aches and other times my whole body would be in pain. I sometimes missed school because I was ill.  My parents took me to different places for help, but my condition did not change," she said.

When she was in grade 11, Alicia became so ill that she was away from school for six months.

"That was when my mother's colleague suggested that we come to the Universal Church. I was reluctant to attend the services because I didn't think it was possible to be healed by merely praying, after all our efforts had failed. I even told my mother that I was going to stop coming to the church if I was not healed after a month. At the end of the first service we attended, a pastor called all the people who had come for the first time for counselling. I just stood there quietly listening to my mother telling him that I had been ill for a long time and that there had been no help for me.

The pastor prayed for me and told me that only my faith in God was going to heal me. He then recommended that I take part in the chain of prayers every Tuesday for healing. I learned how to use my faith to change my situation. The same week I came to the church marked the end of my suffering of nine years. The migraines and stomach aches stopped and I no longer had pains in my body," she said.

Two weeks later, Alicia was able to go back to school after six months of not attending classes.

"My teachers helped me catch up with my studies. My healing made me understand that all things were possible for those who trust God.

I worked hard and believed that I was going to pass. God honoured my faith, and I passed grade 11 with good results and did matric in the following year. I am now working, something I never thought would happen because of my health issues. Today I live a healthy and meaningful life because I believed and used my faith and God healed me," she said.

Medical Disclaimer: The Universal Church does not claim to heal anyone, but believes that through the power of faith in the name of Jesus, a person can receive healing. Those under medical treatment are advised to continue taking prescribed medication and following their doctors instructions.

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