08 January 2018

I was told I had three months to live

Coming to the Universal Church in 1996 was the last resort for Rebecca who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and whose marriage was on the brink of divorce.

Rebecca had a child from her previous relationship when she married her husband.

"My ordeal started with excruciating pain in my womb. Then I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctor told me I was not going to have more children and he advised me to remove my womb. That was the lowest point of my life.  My husband did not give me the support I needed. Instead he told me he was going to marry another woman because he wanted children. I was not only dealing with the illness I had, but my marriage was on the brink of divorce. I felt that my husband did not love me, because he did not care about my well-being.  All he wanted was a child," she said.

Rebecca lost hope in life and her marriage after the doctor told her she had only three months to live.

"It was after I refused to go for an operation to remove my womb that the doctor told me that the cancer had spread all over the cervical area and there was nothing more they could do to assist me. Hearing that I had only three months to live left me helpless and hopeless. I knew my husband was ready to take another woman because I could not bear him children," she said.

Her husband received an invitation to the Universal Church and told Rebecca about it.

"I went with him to the church because I was desperate for help. I told the pastor about my illness and troubled marriage and he advised me to take part in the chains of prayer on Tuesdays for my healing.  I also attended services every Thursday to pray for my marriage. I learned to use my faith and trust in God for my problems to be resolved. I understood that being diagnosed with cancer was not the end, because nothing is impossible for God. The pains in my womb disappeared after a year of my coming to the church. My body grew strong and I was able to do all the duties of a wife at home. This gave me renewed hope.

My relationship with my husband improved.  He gave me the support I needed and appreciated the time we spent together," she said.

When Rebecca thought her problems were over, her husband became ill and passed on eight months later.

"His passing came at a time when we were both enjoying our marriage and spending our lives together. I was devastated and discouraged. God comforted and healed my heart. It was not easy but He saw me through that painful time in my life and helped me recover completely. He gave me inner healing as well.

I came to the church every Wednesday to pray for my spiritual growth. I am filled with hope and I have peace because I have the presence of God in me," she said


Medical Disclaimer: The Universal Church does not claim to heal anyone, but believes that through the power of faith in the name of Jesus, a person can receive healing. Those under medical treatment are advised to continue taking prescribed medication and following their doctors instructions.

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