12 December 2017

It felt like I was walking on needles

For over three years Mamokete battled with painful feet that made it hard for her to walk or wear proper shoes. No pain medication could make the pain subside. She then turned to alcohol to take away the pain.

"My feet were very painful and every morning I felt something like a tingle that made the pain severe. Walking felt like I was putting my feet on needles. Slippers were the only shoes that soothed my feet. I sometimes missed work for two days in a row because my feet were too painful," she said.

After trying different pain medications and finding no help, Mamokete turned to alcohol.  "I drank with my husband at home. Alcohol was the only thing that took away my pains because I would not be in my full state of mind to feel anything," she said.

In 2014, Mamokete was invited to the Universal Church for the Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium.

"The assistant told me to bring my whole family to the event, but my husband refused, so I went with my children. At the end of the event, the bishop said, 'If you are here for the first time, you have nothing to lose and God can turn your life around."

His words gave me hope for healing. I continued attending the services on Fridays at a local Universal Church and I asked God to heal my painful feet and deliver me from alcohol addiction. After only a few days in the church, my feet stopped aching. I was able to walk properly again! That same month I stopped drinking and have been clean ever since." she said.

When Mamokete’s husband noticed the changes in his wife, he started attending services with her.

"He also stopped drinking and the whole family started going to church together. Reading the Bible and praying together as a family is what makes us love each other more. God restored our health, our lives and our family. My relationship with Him is also strengthened every day," she said.

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