07 December 2018

A miracle only God could perform

Committing to the Campaign of Israel brought peace and love to Pretty's marriage and enabled her to buy a brand-new car, something she had desired for many years. Her marriage was troubled by fights and arguments.

"My husband and I always fought over petty things. There was no peace at home and he eventually became unfaithful. His cheating made him neglect his financial responsibilities. Our children did not have proper school uniforms and we ran out of groceries before the month ended. The situation pained me because I was unemployed and unable to contribute financially. The worst moment was when my daughter, who was 16 years old at that time asked for a cleaning job at her teacher's house so she could also help us at home," she said.

In 2001, when the Campaign of Israel was introduced, Pretty committed herself and believed that God would perform a miracle in her marriage and financial life.

"I got angry with my situation and that compelled me to commit myself in the campaign. That same week, I submitted my CV to different companies, even though I had no work experience or grade 12.  A miracle happened when, from many qualified people, I was the only one hired at our local municipality to work on a contract basis," she said.

Pretty never missed the chance to commit to every campaign in the church.

"My faith in God changed my situation and I was later employed permanently. I was then able to buy two cars, a Kia Picanto and a Kia truck. I was also encouraged to start a catering business.  I have signed a contract with one of the funeral parlours to offer catering services at funerals of their members. I later went back to school to finish my matric. I have just completed a three-year diploma in marketing. Growth in my spiritual life was the foundation for my happy and prosperous life," she said.

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