19 February 2018

A miscarriage left me devastated and hopeless

Suzan lost hope of ever falling pregnant after she had a miscarriage and was advised to remove her womb since she would not be able to conceive again. Suzan and her husband tried to have another child when their son was seven years old.

"It did not take long before I conceived and we were very excited about it. Everything went well until five months into the pregnancy when I started experiencing pains in my stomach.  I finally consulted the doctor who told me I'd had a miscarriage and advised me to have my womb removed because there were no chances of me conceiving again. That was so painful and hard to accept. I was devastated and I felt hopeless," said Suzan. 

In 2011, Suzan saw the Universal Church's programme 'Stop Suffering' on TV and she became curious to know more about the church.

Eight months after the miscarriage, Suzan fell pregnant again.

"I was always in pain and bleeding. I worried that I would have another miscarriage. One day when I came from the doctor, I walked past the Universal Church and decided to go inside for a prayer. It was on a Tuesday, the day for healing. I spoke to the pastor about my problems and he prayed for me. That same day I was able to sleep peacefully at night without having pains in my stomach. The bleeding stopped the following day. That encouraged me to continue attending church services. I prayed and asked God to protect my unborn baby. God answered my prayer and I carried the baby to term and gave birth to a healthy baby girl," she said.

Her daughter is now five years old and in pre-school.

"I am grateful to God for the family I have. As I kept on coming to the church, I learned that the greatest blessing was to receive the Holy Spirit. I sought God’s presence and I surrendered my life to Him. I am now closer to God and I make sure I do not miss Sunday services for my spiritual development," she said.

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