25 March 2020

Abuse Chained My Mind

For over three years, I was in an abusive relationship where I was constantly told that no other man was going to love me with a child.

Because of that I ended up believing that I was good-for-nothing. That made me stay in the relationship despite the abuse.

Part of me wanted to go back home, however I didn’t want to be controlled by my parents and I was also unemployed.

My partner’s belittling words left me battling with low self-esteem. In 2011 my mother invited me to the Universal Church where I learnt to value myself as a woman.

Understanding who I am gave me strength to end my relationship with my abusive partner. That same year I met Frank. Seeing how he respected and loved me made me want to have a relationship with him.

We dated for a year before he married me. God restored my con dence and healed me from my painful past experiences. We are now a happy family and running a sewing business together.

God has not only given me the kind of happiness I thought I was not worthy of, He healed and restored my life,” said Maria.