30 April 2019

Acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation

Rebuilding her relationship with her mother and accepting her stepfather freed Andiswa from the anger and bitterness she harboured for many years. 

Her parents separated when she was five years old and she lost contact with her father. She was a teenager when her mother dated another man, but Andiswa found it difficult to accept him as her stepfather.

"We lived with him, but I resented him. I was angry with my mother and blamed her for the separation from my father. I became disrespectful and refused to be corrected. I sometimes spent days without talking to my stepfather for no reason," said Andiswa.

Refusing to accept her stepfather, Andiswa moved in with her aunt when she was 17 years old. She went out with friends who drank alcohol and dated men.

"I became pregnant a year later and I moved back home after giving birth because my mother and stepfather gave me the support I needed. They provided financially for my daughter and loved me regardless of my bad behaviour, but I continued being disrespectful to them," she said.

In 2017 she moved to Bloemfontein to look for a job.

"I left my daughter with my mother. I lived with a relative and found a job that year. One day, after work, I walked past the Universal Church and heard people praying. I was curious and went inside for a prayer. Since that day I have not left the church," said Andiswa.

She was encouraged to take part in the chains of prayer on Thursdays for God to restore peace in her family and Fridays for her deliverance from alcohol. 

"I stopped drinking alcohol after two months. The presence of God brought peace. I realised that my mother and my stepfather loved me unconditionally and I asked them to forgive me for being disrespectful.

I was able to accept my stepfather, to love and respect him. That freed me from the anger issues I had towards my mother. I am spiritually more matured now," said Andiswa.                                            

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