14 January 2019

Battle of beliefs destroyed my family

Sinenhlanhla felt hopeless and in total despair when she started attending services at the Universal Church in 2008.

She was in deeply in debt after her parents separated and left her to look after her four siblings.

"My mother practised traditional rituals while my father did not believe in such things. Their differences led to their separation and my mother left home. My father stayed with us for a month then also left us. Neither of them provided for us financially. At the age of 18, I took over my parents' responsibilities and looked after my siblings, aged seven to 14 years, as well as my own child who was only two months old. We all depended on my boyfriend for financial support to survive," said Sinenhlanhla.

A year later Sinenhlanhla found a job and enrolled for a degree in psychology for which she studied part time.

"My salary was too small to give my boyfriend financial relief. Instead, I ended up opening clothing accounts and taking out loans to resolve my financial problems. That however left me deeply in debt. My situation worsened after the father of my child left me and stopped providing for us four years later. I stopped studying after I completed six modules. I was always stressed and had sleepless nights," said Sinenhlanhla.

In 2008, she watched the Universal Church's programme 'Workers Prayer' on TV. She prayed with the bishop and was inspired by the testimonies she saw on TV.

"I attended the services every day and started having peaceful nights after six months in the church. I was offered a permanent post and my salary increased. I was able to pay my debts and take care of my siblings. I was then awarded a bursary to complete my course in psychology. My parents later came back home and we live peacefully together as a family," she said.

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