10 December 2018

Emptiness and poverty

Innocentia was only a year old when her parents separated. She and her three siblings lived with their father who later re-married.

"My father had full custody of us, while my mother lived with my grand-parents. After my father re-married, my stepmother brought four of her children and a grandchild to live with us which made it difficult for my father to provide for all of us. We never had enough food at home to a point where we sometimes went to bed on empty stomachs.

I only learnt that the person I lived with was my stepmother when I was 12 years old and that was when I started building a relationship with my biological mother whom I visited during school holidays. That sometimes made my step-mother jealous," said Innocentia.

Her stepmother passed away and in 1998, Innocentia's sister was invited to the Universal Church.

"I attended services with her. I went to Thursday's services and asked God restore my parents' marriage so we could be a family again. In 2007 my parents mended their relationship and got back together after 15 years of separation. That was a prayer answered for me. My siblings and I managed to finish school and graduated in different fields of studies. We lived as the happy family that I desired before my father passed away last year. I’m grateful for the time God gave me with both my parents," she said.

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