24 June 2019

From street kid to stable married life

Being married and having a job as well as his own home was a far-fetched dream for Nyameko who lived on the streets where he was involved in criminal activities. From the age of nine, Nyameko was a disobedient child who wanted to live his life as he pleased.

"I became angry and back chatted my mother when she rebuked me for my wild behaviour.  I sometimes left home on Friday to sleep on the streets with friends and went back on Sunday. I eventually moved out of the house and lived with my friends on the streets because I did not want to be controlled by my mother.

We robbed people of money, cell phones and jewellery in order to buy food. I only went home when I needed to take a proper bath and eat," said Nyameko.

When he was 20 years old Nyameko was arrested for a murder that he did not commit.

"My friend killed someone after an argument and the police arrested all of us. I was awaiting trial for five years," said Nyameko.

His grandmother, a member of the Universal Church, visited Nyameko and gave him the Universal News when he was in prison.

"I read testimonies that inspired me to change and gave me hope. I started attending services in 2014 after I was released from prison as I was found not guilty in the murder trial. 

I prayed every Friday for my deliverance because I was determined to change. I surrendered my life to God and I was able to stop robbing people after a month in the church. My character changed. I went back home and I now respect my mother.

God honoured my faith, He blessed me with a job, a place to stay and a suitable partner, something I never imagined for myself.  I married Lindiwe in the church after we dated for one year and we were later blessed with a child. Giving my life to God has made me a better and upstanding man," said Nyameko.