27 November 2018

God honoured my faith through the campaign

It was only after Ntombi took part in the Campaign of Israel that she was able to enjoy a healthy life, have a blessed marriage and later own a house. 

Attending services at the Universal Church in 1994 was the last resort for Ntombi who was living with a chronic illness.

"I was in and out of hospital and I depended on expensive tablets for my condition. My body was always painful and I felt weak. I was admitted to hospital three times in a year and spent nothing less than two weeks for each of those admissions. My condition made it difficult for me to secure a permanent job," said Ntombi

When the Campaign of Israel was introduced in the church, Ntombi took a leap of faith and committed herself.

"Two weeks later, I started enjoying a healthy life. I no longer felt pains in my body. I was able to stand for hours and do my house chores without feeling pains. That same year God blessed me with a job," said Ntombi.

After 14 years in the church Ntombi got married, but she and her husband could not afford to buy their own house. For three years she lived with her husband in her family house because they could not afford to buy their own.

"My brother and I inherited the house from my parents. My brother had his own place to stay and my husband moved in with me after we got married in 2008 because we could afford to buy our own. Three years later, my brother came back home and chased us out of the house. That was humiliating for us because we were working, but could not afford to buy a house. We moved into a rented house, but I was not happy because I wanted to have my own house," she said.

It was only after Ntombi took part in the Campaign of Israel that she was able to buy a house.  She took part in the Campaign of Israel in 2016 because she understood that God honours faith.

"I committed myself and I started looking for a house in the area that I wanted to live in. A year later, my husband was able to buy a two-bedroomed house. Through the Campaign of Israel, we were able to achieve something that seemed to be impossible for us for seven years.  I am now enjoying a healthy life, a blessed marriage and have a house of my own. I am now spiritually matured and have peace of mind. My relationship with God taught me to love my brother and forgive him for chasing us out of the house," said Ntombi. 

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