15 August 2018

Greed landed me in prison

Greed was what brought down Nkosinathi, cost him his job and landed him in prison.

He was 17 years and had just completed his matric when he came to Johannesburg in 2001.

"It was not long before I was hired by a machine-installation company. I was able to rent my place, send money home and support myself. I also learnt all the techniques and operations of the machines we installed," he said.

A year later, Nkosinathi was invited to the Universal Church.

"I attended the church services, but was not committed to God. That was when I was led away by greediness and landed in jail. I believed that with the skills I had, I could make more money than what my employer paid me. One of my friends who called me the kingpin of these machines, recruited me to join his crime syndicate. My job was to open these machines for them so they could take money stored in them. That seemed to be a lucrative opportunity for me so I agreed," he said.

Nkosinathi was however caught on his first assignment and was arrested.

"I suspected that police got a tip-off about our plan. The shop owner gave us access to his premises that had the machine we were going to steal from. The police arrived while I was busy opening the machine and they arrested me. I spent a month in prison before I was released on a fine of R2 000 because I was a first-time offender. That was a terrible time in my life. No one from my family visited me when I was in jail because they were disappointed in me. That created a rift between me and my family, even after I was released from jail. I also lost my job because my employer did not trust me anymore.

I regretted my actions every single day. It was at that time that I was able to reflect on my life and I realised that I needed God to help me start my life all over again. I committed myself to God and asked Him to forgive me for the crime I committed. I found a job a month later.  I then took part in the chain of prayer on Thursday and prayed for peace in my family.

Barely a year, my siblings started calling me. They also apologised for neglecting me when I needed them. I am now content and I depend on God’s provision. I am also at peace with my family and lead a faithful life before God," said Nkosinathi.