21 May 2019

Happiness was a fairy tale for me

Battling to secure a job for five years after she qualified as an administrator and moving from one relationship to another made Judith believe she did not deserve to be happy.

"I worked part-time jobs in different shops. Working long hours and earning less while I had qualifications broke my heart. I applied to different companies, but I was never hired. I became frustrated and I isolated myself from people. All my relationships never lasted because I was easily irritated and broke up with a man before we could get to three months," said Judith.

In 2005, Judith was invited to the Universal Church and she attended the services because she needed peace and happiness in her life.

"I attended on Mondays for my finances to improve and Wednesdays for my spiritual development. After a month in the church I was able to control my emotions and I was encouraged to pursue my dream of finding a well-paid job.

 I was hired as an administration officer after being in the church for four years. That showed me all things were possible with God. To pray for my love life, I attended the Therapy of Love services where I met Elias and we married after we dated for 18 months. I am now financially independent and happily married," said Judith.