16 October 2017

I was ashamed to go back home

Tired of her family’s financial struggles, Grace moved to Johannesburg to look for a job. When she arrived, she stayed with a friend who provided for her and asked Grace to look after her child in return.

"She wanted me to be home for her child when she got back from school and that made it difficult for me to look for a job. One day, my friend came back early from work while I was out looking for a job. She became angry and chased me out of her place because I had not waited for her child to get home from school. I moved in with a boyfriend I had recently met. I depended on him for everything, including clothes and food. That same year I became pregnant with his child. I wanted to go back home, but I was ashamed because I was pregnant and still unemployed," she said.

During this trying time, Grace accepted an invitation to the Universal Church because she wanted to put an end to her financial problems.

She took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays for her financial life to improve. "I started applying for jobs after the baby was born. I believed in the promises of God and that my life was going to change. After three months in the church, I found a job as a sales consultant and I was able to help my boyfriend with some of the responsibilities and taking care of our baby. I was also able to send money to my family back home," said Grace.

After working in the same company for 10 years, Grace was dismissed for giving extra cash to a customer.

"I ran short of R200 and my employer fired me for negligence," she said.

When the Campaign of Israel was introduced in the church, Grace took part and asked God for a miracle in her finances and love life. She then started braiding people’s hair to make money, and she saved money that she later used to buy equipment to open a hair salon. As she continued attending church services, Grace understood that cohabitation was not right before God.

"I told my boyfriend that we needed to do things right.  He was understanding and we started saving money for our wedding," she said. They registered their marriage in 2013 and were blessed in the church two years later. "I am happily married and have a decent place to stay with my family. I am enjoying a blessed financial life. I also have a clear conscience because I live a faithful life before God and have the assurance of my salvation," she said.