03 October 2018

I was longing for my mother's love

Longing for her mother's love from her teenage years pushed Portia into searching for love in the wrong places and from married men.

"My mother left me in the care of her male relative while she worked far from home. To fill that void and find the happiness I longed for, I started drinking alcohol when I was 15 years old, going out with friends and dating married men. I became pregnant at 21 years while I was doing my matric and dropped out of school in the middle of that year," she said.

Portia's loneliness and wild life worsened after her mother took her child away from her.

"I started dating married men because they made me feel loved and special. This continued until the wife of the married man I was dating threatened to shoot me. Fearing for my life, I decided to end the relationship with her husband. I also started attending Universal Church services with my mother who was already a member," she said.

At a service Portia learnt how to conduct herself as a young woman.

"I opened my heart and received the spirit of God to guide me. I stopped going to parties and drinking alcohol a few months later. I deleted all the numbers of married men I ever dated because I did not want to go back to my old life," she said.

The following year Portia met Abel in the church and they dated.

"Abel asked for my hand in marriage a year later. I am now a responsible mother and a wife who is happily married," she said.

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