22 November 2018

I was unable to conceive for six years

Unable to conceive for six years after she was married, Josephina felt humiliated, ashamed and fearful for her marriage. She and Jeffrey were married in the church in 2003.

"Months and years went by without my conceiving and that was when I became discouraged and lost hope of having a child. My husband was however supportive, but that did not satisfy my wish to become a mother. We went to different doctors who told me I was not going to conceive because my womb was deformed. The doctors' reports left me sad and depressed. I also feared that my husband was going to leave me for other women who could bear children for him.

My in-laws treated me badly because I could not give my husband a child. The worst pain was when my brother-in-law told me that he was willing to help his brother by sleeping with me in order for me to bear a child," she said.

With her husband, Josephina took part in the Campaign of Israel in 2008 and asked God to bless their marriage with a child.

"I saw the Campaign as an opportunity for God to change our marriage and bless me with a child. In March, the following year, I became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My daughter is now nine years old. God removed my shame and showed me His power," said Josephina.

God did not only bless the fruit of her womb, but her financial life also improved.

"I was selling fruit and vegetables at that time, but after the Campaign, the demand for my fruit and vegetables increased and I made good profit. I am now a happy mother and wife. I am enjoying the fullness of God in every area of my life," said Josephina.

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