09 November 2018

Left to provide alone

Phindiwe never believed that the father of her child who left her for 12 years would return home and marry her.

"He left me to raise our two-year-old son alone. He did not communicate with me or send money for our son. It became difficult for me to understand why he left me because we did not have problems in our relationship," said Phindiwe.

Her neighbour who knew her problems invited Phindiwe to the Universal Church in February 1996.

"I spoke to the pastor about my problems and he prayed for me. That same evening when I got home from church, I received a call from the father of my son for the first time in 12 years. The following day, he came back home. He also attended church services with me," said Phindiwe.

That same month Phindiwe and her boyfriend got married because they understood that cohabitation was wrong before God. When the Campaign of Israel was introduced she took part and asked God for a financial breakthrough.

"I was promoted a teacher to a principal of the school and my salary increased. I was able to renovated my eight-room house. In April this year I bought two cars, Toyota Blade and a Touran VW," said Phindiwe.