12 October 2018

Love with the mind, not the heart

Cebelihle believes that attending the Therapy of Love services before she became involved with Lawrence helped them overcome challenges they faced in their relationship.

She started attending services in 2015 and asked God to bless her love life. She met Lawrence and they started dating a year later.

"My partner was short-tempered and he would become angry with me for minor things, while I was very emotional. That made it difficult for us to resolve our conflicts. I remember an incident that left me emotionally wrecked and I did not speak to him for the whole month. I also could not take responsibility for the mistake, instead I blamed him. At a service, I understood that any change I wanted to see in my relationship has to start with me. A r spoke about using the mind not the heart to love. That challenged my attitude completely to my life and I was able to swallow my pride and open up for a discussion," she said.

They continued attending the Therapy of Love together and married in June this year. Lawrence told the publication that it was at the Therapy of Love services that he learnt that he needed to help Cebelihle with the house chores.

"My background taught me that a wife had to do all the house chores while I watched television. At a service, however, I understood that I needed to help her because she also gets tired. That created more time for us to be together," he said.

Now our marriage is peaceful, happy and has balance, and this is because of the teachings we received at the Therapy of Love," he said.