10 December 2018

My home: a boxing ring

Fundiswa's home turned into a boxing ring because of her husband's addiction.

"We fought constantly, both verbally and physically, sometimes in front of our children. The reason for our fights was that he spent money on his addiction to dagga. There was no peace in my home. I had to share the money I made from my small business of baking biscuits with him.

We sometimes ran out of basics at home, but he always had money to feed his addiction. His behaviour made me an angry person who was easily irritable, especially towards him. I yelled at him even when there was no need. Last year I didn't hesitate to accept an invitation to the Universal Church because I needed a solution for the situation at home.

I attended Thursday services for the family and prayed for peace in my home. I learnt that I have to be an example of what I wanted. I stopped fighting with my husband and I became a peaceful and loving wife while I prayed for a change in my home.  Four months later my husband quit smoking dagga which resulted in a happy home.  Whenever we have a disagreement, we find a way to solve it amicably. I'm a happy wife and I’m even able to save money from my baking business as I no longer have to spend half of it on anyone's addiction. Trusting in God has restored peace in my house," said Fundiswa.

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