12 February 2018

No hope in life

Having no place to live and going through marital problems made Emely lose hope that she would ever live a happy life.

"My husband and I worked for the same family. He tended the garden and I was a domestic worker. Our employer allowed us to live in their back room because we didn't have a place of our own and we could not afford to have one with the little money we earned. I was also not happy in my marriage because my husband had extra-marital affairs. Whenever I asked him about the affairs, he denied having them. Things became worse when my husband was fired from his job. Our employer suspected that he was involved in a burglary that took place in their home. They also threw him out of the back room we lived in. He went to live in a shack with one of his friends. I didn’t have inner peace. I thought about his infidelities and feared that he was going to forget about me as we were not living together anymore," she said.

In 1996 Emely was invited to the Universal Church by one of the assistants in the church.

"The preaching from the first service I attended gave me hope. For the first time in many years I felt at peace. I continued coming to the church and later took part in the Campaign of Israel. I asked God to intervene in my finances and my marriage. Within three weeks of the Campaign there was a difference in my life. My husband confessed to me about his infidelities and apologised. In that same month, my employer gave me a salary increase. When my husband noticed the changes in my life he started coming to the church with me," she said.

After three months Emely's employers reinstated her husband and he was given a promotion to work in his employer’s new shop.

"That's when I knew God was indeed working in my life. We later got a house and moved out of the back room. We managed to save money and extended it into a nine-roomed house. We then started a small farm with two pigs. It grew gradually and we now have over 70 pigs, five cows, four sheep and six goats. My husband no longer cheats on me. We live in the house of our dreams and our finances have improved greatly. God has proved that with Him we can achieve greater things," she said.

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