25 July 2018

Rejection and family squabbles

"I was raised by my father's family after my parents separated. My parents were not involved in my upbringing. I was doing grade 11 when I heard about my mother's whereabouts and I started looking for her. I was disappointed and felt rejected after I found her because she did not want anything to do with me.

She was still bitter with my father's family. Finding her turned out to be something I regretted because of the pain it put me through. One day, while I was walking in town, I heard people singing and praying from a building and decided to go inside, only to find it was a Universal Church.

I prayed and asked God to change the hearts of my parents who neglected me after they went their separate ways and heal me from the pain I went through. That same week my father started calling me and visiting me. Our relationship improved and he made sure I did not lack anything, even though we still lived in separate places. I passed grade 12 with distinctions and I was awarded a bursary to study for a diploma in basic education.

My new-found joy of having a good relationship with my father was short-lived because he was diagnosed with throat cancer and passed away when I was doing my first year at university. That was the most traumatic time of my life. To make things worse, his family fought me for his money and the property he left for me. I continued attending the services and asked God to intervene in my situation. His family decided to take his money and gave me the house.

I later finished my studies but could only secure part-time jobs. At a service I understood that faith was all I needed to change my situation and engaged in the chain of prayers on Mondays for my financial life. In less than a month I found a permanent job as a teacher, after being a temporary worker for four years. I felt I needed to build a house of my own and leave the one I inherited from my father. I then bought a plot and built a five-bedroomed house. I later bought myself a brand-new car, a Citi Golf.

In 2010, I started attending the Therapy of Love services and asked God to bless my love life because I was tired of moving from one relationship to another. Barely a week later I met someone in the church who showed interest in me. We started dating and married in the same month we met.

We now have three children and I am happily married. I have a family of my own, something I did not have when I grew up. I later invited my mother to the church and that made it easy for us to mend our relationship because we both understood it was something that was long overdue. I now live a complete life with no grudges, and am filled with the love and the presence of God," said Nokuzola.

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