12 July 2019

Responsible and loving father

"My dream of becoming a teacher was shattered after I impregnated my girlfriend while I was in matric. I joined my cousin in another city to look for a job. I lost contact with my girlfriend and that was how our relationship ended. She gave our four-month-old baby to my mother because she was unemployed.

I made a promise to help my mother who provided for my son financially, but I failed to keep it as I started drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, dating many women and neglected my responsibilities as a father. My mother became ill and passed on when my son was eight years old.

My sister took care of my son because I was an absent and irresponsible father. I later fathered another child with a different woman and I still neglected my fatherly responsibilities. My life only changed after I started attending services at the Universal Church in 2016 where I was learnt about the importance of making intelligent choices in life.

I committed my life to God and the presence of God made me realise how my children needed me. I was able to stop drinking and smoking the following year. I become a responsible father and set a good example for my children. I ended my relationships with all the women I dated because I wanted to build a solid relationship with God. I now have a good relationship with my children and I provide for them because that was what the Word of God commands me to do," said Deligent.