12 March 2020

The Loss Left Me Needy

Losing her mother when she was eight years old made Winile believe that no one would love her the same way her mother did. Her family tried to show her love, but she pushed them away and looked for love from different men six years later.

“I was rude to my grandmother or sometimes did not respond to her at all. I refused to be corrected and would lock myself in my room and cry,” she said. To fill the void she had, Winile started dating when she was 14 years old, but none of her relationships lasted for more than six months.

“I did not get the satisfaction I wanted. I became bored and ended the relationship. Once I met someone who showed me so much love that I was ready to settle down, but he broke my heart. His cheating made me believe I was not meant to be loved,” said Winile.

In 2017, Winile accepted an invitation to attend services at the Universal Church. “I committed myself in the Chains of Prayers on Wednesdays and asked God to help me make peace with the passing of my mother. After a month, I understood that we are all going to die some day and my mother’s time had come.

I am now at peace with her passing, I can think of all the memories we had without crying. I am now enjoying my grandmother’s love and I have the assurance of my salvation,” she said.