12 February 2018

The mood was always sombre at home

Growing up, Sandy was a fearful child who had no inner peace because of her abusive father who drank alcohol excessively.

"My father drank heavily and made life unpleasant at home. The mood was always sombre whenever he was drunk because he physically abused my mother in front of me and my siblings. I was only nine years old at that time and would watch helplessly as my mother cried for help. This went on until I decided to leave the house every time he walked in the house drunk because I knew what was going to happen.  I was frightened by every sound I heard because it reminded me of the fights at home," she said.

The situation continued until Sandy started coming to the Universal Church with her brother. "I was 13 years old at that time and I did not know anything about salvation because we were not church-goers. My brother had started attending the services at the Universal Church and invited me. I continued attending services because it was where I found peace and happiness," she said. 

When Sandy was 19 years old, she finally understood the teachings of the word of God and how she could use them in her family's situation.

"I understood the importance of taking part in the chain of prayers. I attended on Wednesdays for my spiritual life to grow and on Thursdays to pray for peace in my family. I also came every Friday to pray for my father to be delivered from alcohol. As I continued coming I developed inner peace and hope for my family’s situation. Even though things took time to change, I didn’t give up because I knew that God was at work in our lives," she said.

Sandy used her faith and blessed water that she took home with her.

"I used it to cook for our family, and a few months later my father received a strong warning from his employer who told him he was going to lose his job if he did not quit alcohol. He stopped drinking from that day and has turned into a loving person. He respects and treats my mother well. He stopped beating her up and there was peace at home. My mother is now coming to church with us while my father attends services when he is invited for special services only. The transformation in my family made me understand that when I have faith and obey the word of God, all things are possible for me," said Sandy.

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