21 January 2019

Verbal abuse tore the family apart

Living with her aunt, who constantly told her that she was not going to amount to anything, left Nompumelelo feeling neglected and she later became suicidal.

"My mother lived with my two younger siblings while I stayed with my aunt who treated me differently from her children who were older than me. She sometimes did not dish food for me and asked her children

to share their plates with me. I developed anger towards my aunt and felt rejected. I developed suicidal thoughts when I was 16 years old because I felt I was not loved," said Nompumelelo.

Her father found out about Nompumelelo's suffering at her aunt's place.

"He got angry with his sister and they didn't speak to each other for years. My stay at my aunt's house worsened so much that I spent most of my time in the bedroom alone. I also underperformed at school because my home life", she said.

In 2010, Nompumelelo was invited to the Universal Church where she was advised to attend services on Wednesdays for spiritual development and Fridays for deliverance from suicidal thoughts.

"I was delivered from suicidal thoughts after three months in the church. My performance at school improved and I passed matric well. I then enrolled for a diploma in hospitality. I was able to forgive my aunt and she later started attending the services with me. She was also able to reconcile with my father. We are now a happy family. I am doing well financially and am able to take assist my aunt’s family financially," said Nompumelelo.

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