17 October 2018

Living a double life turned Winnie's existence into a living hell

Leading a double life, despite knowing the word of God, turned Winnie's existence into a living hell. She was already a member of the Universal Church when she dated a man who impregnated her after she completed matric. Winnie kept her pregnancy a secret. 

"My mother worked and stayed in another town while we lived with my father. My father trusted me and he always thought I was in the church each time I was not at home. My boyfriend denied being the father of my unborn baby. That was how our relationship ended. I also did not go for a prenatal check-up because I feared being seen by people who know me," said Winnie.

Her nine-month long secret was discovered the day she gave birth at home.

"My father and my brother got the shock of their lives when I gave birth at home. They called my mother and told her everything," she said.

The most traumatic time of Winnie’s life was when she lost her baby after four days.

"I realised he was not breathing and I started screaming. My parents called the ambulance and the baby was confirmed dead. That was the most painful time of my life. I locked myself in the house for two weeks to avoid being seen by people. It was during those two weeks that I was able to reflect on my life and realised I needed to repent and commit my life to God.

I then surrendered my life to God and asked for forgiveness. I became faithful to Him. I am now spiritually matured and have the assurance of my salvation," said Winnie. 

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