21 May 2021

I found true happiness

“Growing up without knowing my father made me an angry and suicidal child. At home we were struggling financially and I thought that if my father was part of my life, I would have lived a better life.

My mother was supportive and made sure she provided for me, but I was ungrateful because of the anger I had inside me. I was very bitter and I became disrespectful towards her. I did not listen to my mother when she told me to do something for her or in the house. I made comments that were hurtful to her, just to push her away from me.

I isolated myself from my mother because I was angry with her and also from my friends at school. I then developed suicidal thoughts. I believed that killing myself was the only solution to end my problems.

My grandmother, a member of the Universal Church, invited me to the church. I accepted her invite because I wanted God to change my life.

In the church I found support and I was inspired by other young women like me. I opened up to one of the assistants in the church about my problems. He taught me about God and the importance of forgiveness.

I started committing myself in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays, prayed for my spiritual growth and attended on Fridays for my deliverance from suicidal thoughts.

I surrendered my life to God because I understood that only through Him could I find true happiness. I was delivered from suicidal thoughts.