21 May 2021

I sacrificed my dream to save my family


My mother sold vegetables to help my father who earned too little to provide for our needs.

Juliet believes that the blessed life she now enjoys is as a result of the sacrifice she made for her family which came at a high cost to her dreams for the future.

She dropped out of college while studying for a diploma in financial accounting.

 “I lived with my parents in a bachelor flat while my elder brother had his own place. My mother sold vegetables to help my father who earned too little to provide for our needs. I started working on weekends and used my salary for transport,” said Juliet.

After Juliet’s elder brother passed away, life became more difficult for the family who had to take in his two children to live with them.

 “That put more financial strain on my parents and I decided to drop out of college to look for full-time employment. I found a job at a retail store and I was able to help my nephews with their school fees and pay rent,” said Juliet.

She continued attending services at the Universal Church and took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays for her finances to improve.

“At a service I understood the importance of being faithful to God  and to work at my job with excellence. God honoured my faith when I was spotted by another employer after I gave him excellent service in my work.

He offered me three times the salary I earned and I was promoted after eight months in my new job. I was able to pay rent as well as provide for my parents and my nephews,” she said.

In 2012, Juliet bought her first house and a second one the following year.

“I am renting out one house and I live with my nephews in the other one. I bought myself a car, a Toyota Corolla, in 2016.  My faithfulness to God and the sacrifice I made for my family ushered me to the blessed life I am now enjoying. I am grateful to God for the blessings He has provided for me and my family, but His presence in my life is the greatest blessing for me,” said Juliet.