10 October 2023

I hated how I looked

“From a young age, I yearned for approval from others. I often received hurtful comments about my skin tone which led to a lack of self-assurance and self-love. I constantly felt inadequate and believed I needed to enhance my appearance to gain acceptance. I resorted to using skin-lightening products.

My desire for validation drove me to seek attention, often through excessive drinking and casual relationships. In those short-lived moments, I experienced a sense of being valued, but it left me feeling empty afterwards. One weekend when my friends and I were getting ready to go to a party, I was almost hit by a car. That dangerous incident made me realise the need for change.

Seeing my mother’s disapproval of my reckless lifestyle, I decided to attend services with her in the Universal Church. It was there that my life took a positive turn. Instead of judgment, I was met with affirmations of my beauty and acceptance. This newfound perspective ignited a transformation within me.

Through engaging in the chains for prayers for my deliverance, I overcame my alcohol addiction and stopped relying on others for validation. I no longer use skin-lightening products and I do not indulge in casual relationships. My contentment now comes from within, and I no longer feel the need to seek external approval because God has approved of me,” said Yonela.