15 March 2019

A bitter childhood

Morgan was forced to take on the responsibility of parents for his three siblings when he was 15 years old.

"My father had two wives. He worked and lived with his other wife in Johannesburg while we lived in Pretoria with our mother who visited us on weekends because she was a domestic worker. I then had to look after my younger siblings. I did not do well at school because I did not have all the books and other necessities. I eventually dropped out in grade nine and found a job where I sold newspapers," he said.

Morgan also battled with anger issues towards his father who neglected them and spent more time with his other family.

“I became a violent person and had many enemies. I later became physically abusive to the woman I was dating at that time. My anger issues worsened after my father passed on in 2011. We had go to Johannesburg for his burial.

His passing left me hurting even more because I never had a chance to fully experience his love. While dealing with the loss of my father, my mother passed away from jaundice two years later. That was the final blow because I had not done much for my mother to thank her for her efforts to provide for us," he said.

That same year Morgan was invited to the Universal Church.

"I honoured the invitation because I wanted inner healing from losing my parents and a peaceful life. I attended Friday services to be delivered from the anger issues that I had from my upbringing. Allowing the spirit of God to dwell in me helped me forgive my father and find the healing I needed. I stopped abusing my partner because I had peace inside. I married Malipontse in 2015 and I am a loving husband and present father to my children," he said.

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