23 July 2019

A decision that changed my life

Abusing her new-found freedom as a university student, Mbali spent her weekends partying with friends, despite being a member of the Universal Church. After completing matric, she moved to another province to study for a degree in public administration.

"Being away from home for the first time in my life excited me. When I got to university I met older friends who introduced me to the party lifestyle.  We were out every weekend and came back the following day in the early hours of the morning," said Mbali

Mbali knew that she was out of line when she allowed her boyfriend to move in with her. "My boyfriend lost his place to stay and I allowed him to stay with me. We stayed together for six months before I ended our relationship. I did not want my parents to find out about my bad behaviour.  At home I was known as a responsible person," she said.

In 2015, Mbali graduated and moved back home where she reflected on the path she had chosen. "A year later I committed to God and attended the Youth Power Group meetings on Wednesdays. At a meeting the pastor spoke about the importance of serving only one master. I understood that the life I was leading was headed for destruction.

I stopped calling or texting my friends who always invited me to parties and focused on building my relationship with God. I now have friends in the church who encourage me to invest more in my spiritual life. I'm now a responsible young lady who fears the Lord," said Mbali.