12 July 2019

A sacrificed for a strong relationship with God

 Dominic harboured grudges against two close relatives and stopped speaking to them even though he had been a member of the Universal Church for many years.

"My brother and a cousin started speaking badly about me after I could not lend them money they wanted. Hearing what they said about me from different people angered me and I resented them. I believed there was nothing wrong with not talking to them because I had been wronged by them," he said.

When the 21-day Fast of Daniel was introduced Dominic took part and understood that the Holy Spirit was not going to dwell in a place that was filled with grudges and hatred.

"I started feeling guilty about my ungodly behaviour and I asked God to soften my heart to forgive my two relatives. I read the Bible and meditated on it. I found strength to call my brother and cousin, whom I had not spoken to for three years and apologised for my behaviour.

On the last day of the fast, while seeking the Holy Spirit, I was filled with joy and peace and I received an assurance of my salvation. The presence of God taught me the importance of obedience and obedience brought me peace. I am now at peace with my relatives," said Dominic