30 January 2020

A series of heartaches

Losing his mother when he was 16 and coping with the family feud that developed created unbearable pain for Buhle. "A year after we buried my mother, my stepfather took everything and my siblings and I had to move to a house that my mother had built.

He followed us there and chased us out of the house.  I developed hatred for him, even when we lived with one of my aunts. I never felt at home. I cried every night because I was hurting and angry.

I was so emotionally exhausted that I dropped out of school in grade 12," he said. In search of relief from all this pain, Buhle started drinking alcohol and going to night clubs.

"I later moved to Johannesburg where I lived with my cousin who always brought home the Universal News.  My aunt watched the Worker's Prayer every morning without fail so I started attending the services with them and understood that being unforgiving was more like committing suicide.

I was slowly able to let go of the grudges I held against my stepfather and aunts. I stopped drinking alcohol and going to parties after I gave my life to God. I was also encouraged to go back to school and finish my matric. Today I am guided by God's principles and I am at peace with everyone around me," said Buhle.