22 February 2019

A testimony that changed my life

"The testimony of a man who was able to stop doing crime after he started attending the services at the Universal Church gave me hope to lead a crime-free life.

I drank alcohol heavily, smoked dagga and used drugs for 13 years. I was also involved in criminal activities in order to finance my addictions. I broke into people’s houses, stole electrical appliances and other valuable things that I sold to make money.

My addiction and criminal actions later caught up with me when I was beaten by community members after I was caught stealing in a house.  I suffered head injuries and was unconscious for a week in hospital.

I could not remember how I got to the hospital until my mother told me the whole story. My father invited me to the Universal Church in 2011. I started attending services on Fridays for my deliverance from smoking, drinking and using drugs.

After a month in the church I no longer had a desire to drink or smoke. I however had difficulties to stop my criminal activities. The following year I attended the church’s Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium where a man testified how he was encouraged to use his faith to quit his criminal activities.

Eager to lead a clean life, I prayed and ask God to give me the strength I needed. I went back home filled with hope for a change. I never committed crimes after that event and I am growing spiritually," said Jack.