10 October 2018

Addicted at the age of 13

Influenced by her friends, Sibongile drank alcohol and used drugs when she was 13 years old.  She did not take her studies seriously and eventually dropped out in grade 11.

"I disrespected my parents and refused to be corrected.  I back-chatted and I refused to do my house chores,"" said Sibongile.

Her bad behaviour affected her studies and she failed grade 11 twice before she dropped out.

 "All my drinking friends passed, but I was the only one who failed," said Sibongile.

In 2006 she watched the Universal Church’s programme 'Stop Suffering' and started attending services at a nearby church.

"I was embarrassed about failing and staying at home while my friends were making progress. I invited God to work in me. After two years in the church, I stopped drinking and taking drugs. I went back to school and completed my matric. This year I completed my studies in marketing. The Holy Spirit gave me guidance and I now respect my parents and live my life only to please God," said Sibongile.