12 July 2019

Almost died in a bathtub

Battling to secure a permanent job for five years left Amina without hope. She had five children to provide for and her financial difficulties stressed her so much that she turned to alcohol, dagga and cigarettes for comfort.

"I could not cover all our household needs with the money I earned from my part time jobs and that frustrated me. I started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and dagga in order to shift my focus away from my financial problems. I spent my salary on my addictions, leaving my children with no food. They became angry children who always complained that I did not love them," said Amina.

Her bad behaviour only changed after Amina nearly drowned in a bathtub filled with water.

"I filled the tub with water because I wanted to take a bath. I lay on my back in the tub and all of a sudden water covered my face and I struggled to breathe. I was very drunk and did not have the strength to save myself. I screamed for help and my children came to my rescue. That incident shook me and I realised I needed help," said Amina.

In 2010 she started attending services at the Universal Church because she wanted God to change her life.

"I prayed for my deliverance on Fridays and on Wednesdays for my spiritual development.  After three months in the church, I stopped drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and dagga. I became a responsible mother and my relationship with my children grew stronger. I started a company where I make cleaning products," said Amina.