05 July 2019

Almost left His presence

Fikile was on the verge of leaving the Universal Church when the 21-days Fast of Daniel was introduced. She became discouraged and stopped praying after her daughter, who attended services with her, went astray in 2017.

"I was so disappointed and no longer had the strength to pray because I thought God did not hear my prayers. I stopped attending weekday services and only came on Sundays because I had become used to being in a place of worship on Sundays. Sometimes I went back home without hearing a word from the preaching. That was when I contemplated leaving the church because I was not getting fulfilment anymore," she said.

The 21 Days Fast of Daniel was introduced and Fikile decided to take part and ask God to show her that she was at the right place and give her the assurance of her salvation.

"I changed my focus from praying for my daughter and I started praying for myself. I poured my heart out to God and told Him how I felt about my daughter who had left the church. I told God how weak I was in my spiritual life and asked Him to fill me with His presence. I attended the services during week days, read my Bible and prayed often.

My relationship with God was rekindled. I understood that I needed to build a strong and personal relationship with God. That was when I found peace and hope for my daughter's life. Seeking Him not only brought me inner peace, but it has also brought my daughter back to the presence of God. I now depend on the Holy Spirit for everything I do," said Fikile.