06 November 2018

An uphill battle

Life became an uphill battle for Lindi, her siblings and mother, after her father, the family breadwinner, lost his job.

"I was 14 years old when my father lost his job. That frustrated me a lot because we struggled with everything including food, cosmetics and school necessities. We sometimes went to bed for three nights on an empty stomach. At school my friends wore nice clothes and had everything they needed. That made me afraid to play with them because I thought they were going to notice that I did not have money for lunch. I was always angry because my parents could not afford to buy me the things I needed as a child," said Lindi.

At the age of 16, Lindi was invited to the Universal Church. She attended the services because she wanted God to intervene in the family situation. She took part in the Chain of Prayer on Mondays and asked God for a financial breakthrough.

"I prayed for my siblings and parents to find jobs. After a year in the church, my brother and sister found good jobs and they were able to take care of us. I studied hard because I understood education was important. In 2014, I passed matric and found a job as a receptionist. While working, I applied for a bursary to further my studies. In 2015, I enrolled for a one-year course in management. At home we lack nothing because my siblings are taking care of us. I now live a stress-free life and enjoy the fruits of putting my trust in God," said Lindi.

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