05 July 2019

Desire for a strong relationship with God

"It was only after I took part in the 21 Days Fast of Daniel that my spiritual life developed and my relationship with God became strong.

I continued hanging around with my old friends who drank alcohol and smoked dagga for the whole of my first year in the church. Spending time with them when they were entertaining themselves was not good for my spiritual life.

I slowly became weak spiritually. I hardly prayed or read the Bible. My relationship with God lacked communication and commitment.

When the 21 Days Fast of Daniel was introduced in the church, I took part because I desired to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I realised that keeping the friends that I had before.

I committed my life to God was corrupting my spirit. I stopped going out with them and that gave me enough time to seek the presence of God in my life. I read the Bible, the books of the church and I did not miss services during the fast.

On the second last day of the fast, I was baptised with the Holy Spirit during a church service. I felt a peace and joy inside that cannot be defined in words.

I received the assurance of my salvation. I understood that I needed to pray for my friends and I do that without fail. I now have the Holy Spirit as an assurance of my faith and I am more mature spiritually," said Busani.