10 July 2019

Feeling unloved, rejected and forgotten

Learning about her husband's infidelity and the two children he fathered outside their marriage left Rose angry and bitter. After seven years of marriage, Rose's husband started going out on weekends and coming home late at night.

Her suspicions that he was cheating were confirmed when her husband's 15-year-Old daughter introduced herself to her.

"His daughter came to our house and introduced herself as my husband's daughter. I was shocked and angry at the same time. His daughter had a resemblance to him. I packed my bags and went back to my parents’ house because I felt betrayed," said Rose.

Her husband apologised and begged Rose to come back to their matrimonial home.

"After a week I decided to return to him, but while I was trying to put the past behind and forge ahead with my marriage, I learnt about a second child he had fathered with another woman," said Rose.

She was already a member of the Universal Church at that time, but she found it difficult to forgive her husband and accept his children.

"I attended services on Wednesdays for my spiritual development and inner healing. I sought God's presence and He gave me the strength to forgive my husband and let go of the past. I was able to love and accept his children as my own. My husband stopped cheating on me and we are happily married. The presence of God delivered me from the anger and bitterness I carried for many years," said Rose.