07 February 2018

From a party girl to a woman of God

Zanele became an uncontrollable teenager in her matric year, mixing in the wrong crowd, drinking alcohol and going to parties. Her school marks dropped and she feared she was going to fail the grade.

"My drinking habit made me bunk classes. On Fridays, I would leave home wearing my school uniform then go to a friend's house where I would drink for the whole day.  My wild life started bothering me after my marks dropped drastically and I feared that I was going to fail," she said.

At home, Zanele's behaviour was also bad.  She disrespected her parents and refused to do her house chores," she said.

Her mother, a member of the Universal Church, prayed for Zanele's life to change and invited her to attend services.  "When I came to the church, all I asked of God was to help me pass my matric so I could finish school and find a job. I continued attending services and I was encouraged to work hard at school. I passed my matric and found a job a year later," she said.

However, after the 21-day Fast of Daniel was introduced in the church, Zanele understood that she needed the Spirit of God in her life.

"I realised that having the Holy Spirit was the greatest blessing one can ask for. I took part in the fast and stayed away from social networks because I wanted to develop my relationship with God and didn’t want distractions. It was during the fast that I was able to give up alcohol and the friends I had at that time," said Zanele.

On the last day of the fast, Zanele was baptised with the Holy Spirit.

"I felt peace and joy inside me because I had received the greatest blessing one could have. Surrendering my life to God was the best decision I ever made in my life because He gave me the assurance of my salvation.

I understood that my parents corrected me because they loved me. I now respect them and do my house chores without being told. I am spiritually mature and live my life to please God," she said.

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