02 April 2019

Good Friday challenged to change

Katlego's life took a different direction after she attended the Universal Church's Good Friday Event at Ellis Park Stadium in 2017. She found inner healing from the pain of losing her mother, stopped dating many men and overcame her addiction to pornography.

Her addiction to pornography started when she was 17 years old.

"I started watching pornographic movies and that prompted me to start dating in order to experiment with what I always saw on the movies. I moved from one relationship to another and none lasted for more than two months," said Katlego.

She was later introduced to online dating which enabled her to engage with many men at once.

"I did not want to commit to any of those relationships.  All I wanted was pleasure. I dated men who were working so I could get money," said Katlego.

Her mother later fell ill and passed away.

"My mother was a member of the Universal Church and I found it difficult to come to terms with her passing. The pain was so unbearable that at some point it felt like my life had hit rock bottom. I cried every day and wished she could come back," said Katlego.

She started attending services at the Universal Church in 2017. That same year she attended the church's Good Friday Event at Ellis Park Stadium.

"At the stadium I was sincere to God about how I felt and confessed my sins to Him. That prayer changed my life. From that day I stopped crying for my mother because the presence of God gave me the comfort I needed. I also stopped watching pornography and dating because I wanted to embrace my new-found life in God's presence.

 Last year, I was blessed with a good job and I am now enjoying an independent life without waiting for men to supply my needs. I now live a clean life before God and am spiritually matured," said Katlego.