21 May 2019

Grief after grief

Losing her son who was 15 years old at that time and going through a divorce drove Vuyiswa into depression.  

"My son was accused of stealing a car where he was assaulted and passed on after three days in hospital. I developed anger and bitterness towards the killers of my son. I could not talk about him or mention his name without crying. I had to take sleeping tablets every night in order to be able to sleep. Losing my son left me an emotional wreck. I would cry myself to sleep. I hated being around people and I ended up a loner," she said.

While dealing with the loss of her son, Vuyiswa's marriage started showing cracks. Her husband of 10 years became unfaithful in their marriage and eventually left her for his mistress.

"Nothing made sense in my life I even took a work transfer and relocated to another country because I could not deal with any of the things that were happening. That, however didn't solve any of my problems instead I felt empty inside. In 2012, I was invited to the Universal Church and I took part in the Chain of Prayers on Fridays where I asked God to heal my broken heart and the deep pain of losing my son.

That night, I slept till morning and I was shocked because I normally slept for four hours a night. I attended Wednesdays for my spiritual development. I was not easy to put my painful past behind as I was only able to forgive my son's killers after 22 years. I was able to let go of my failed marriage and I now have peace with the life I lead in the presence of God," she said.