22 January 2019

Haunted by spirit of darkness

"For more than 10 years I feared night time because I was haunted by the spirit of darkness. I had bad dreams and sometimes felt there was something in my room.

Not sleeping at night affected my performance at school because I slept during lessons. I also did not want to mingle with other children because I felt they did not like me. I was always tired in the mornings and had constant headaches.

The spirit of darkness continued to haunt me, even after I got married. My husband went to many places in order to get me help, but nothing worked.

My spiritual problem left me a loner and made me think everybody hated me. In 1994 I was invited to the Universal Church and I attended the services because I wanted God to deliver me from my spiritual problems.

I attended the services on Fridays and prayed for my deliverance from the spirits of darkness that haunted me. I committed my life to God applied the teachings of faith in my daily life.  After six months in the church I was able to sleep peacefully at night. The headaches stopped and overcame my fear. 

I found the freedom and relief I needed for many years. I was able to make friends and live a normal life. His presence gave me the assurance of salvation and I no longer fear night time," said Ntombizesa.

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