27 August 2018

Holy Spirit helped me to overcome

Mbali was delivered from the suicidal thoughts she had from being bullied at school after taking part in the 21-day Fast of Daniel.

"I thought attending the church services and praying was all I needed to do in my Christian journey until I encountered challenges that forced me to examine my salvation. I became a victim of bullying at primary school and it continued even when I got to high school. My schoolmates bullied me and made fun of my thin body. They would push me around and even pour water on me knowing that I was not going to fight them, "she said.

 Mbali continued attending services every day and prayed for the behaviour or her schoolmates to change.

"They did not stop bullying me and the humiliation was unbearable. I developed suicidal thoughts when I was 15 years old. I swallowed a packet of painkillers that was in the house. I only became dizzy and weak. Thinking that I had a health challenge, my father gave me money to see a doctor. I tried again two years later when I drank liquid polish, but that also did not work.

It only irritated my stomach and my parents took me to the doctor who told them I had a stomach bug. The thought of going to school to my bullying schoolmates frustrated me. At the same time, I did to want to tell my parents about the bullying because I feared they were going to confront the bullies, something that was going to fuel them to bully me even more,” she said.

When she was in grade 12, Mbali took part in the 21-day Fast of Daniel.

"I understood that I needed the Holy Spirit as the assurance of my salvation. I then sought the presence of God in my life because I knew He was going to set me free from my bullies and suicidal thoughts. I reacted differently to my bullies and my bold response towards them discouraged them from bullying me. I found peace and enjoyed my days at school. I understood the suicidal thoughts were not from God and I stopped entertaining them. I passed my matric and went to university the following year. The presence of God in my life is always helping me to overcome challenges," she said.