02 August 2018

Hope in the midst of despair

Bella was at rock bottom when she was invited to the Universal Church in 1997. She had been unemployed for four years and the father of her daughter left her to raise the child alone.

"My boyfriend ended our relationship and moved to another province. He stopped providing for our daughter financially. I depended on my mother's pension money to buy clothes and food for my daughter. My brother was also unemployed and that put my mother under financial strain," she said.

Barely two months after the father of her daughter left her, Bella's mother told her that she was no longer going to help her financially. To top it off, she chased her out of her house for no reason.

"That was the most traumatic time in my life. I did not know where to go because I was unemployed. I did not expect that from my mother and her actions left me heartbroken," said Bella.

Bella moved to Johannesburg and lived with her aunt.

"My aunt provided for me and my daughter while I was still looking for a job, but what my mother did to me continued haunting me. I lived in fear that my aunt would also do the same thing my mother did. I became hopeless and developed suicidal thoughts. I bought a rope that I intended to hang myself with, but the thought of leaving my child behind stopped me," said Bella.

Six months later she was given a Stop Suffering newspaper and invited to the Universal Church. She read the testimonies of people who found hope after they started attending church services and appling the word of God in their lives.

"I located a nearby church and started attending the services. I was advised to make chains of prayer on Mondays for my finances and on Fridays for my deliverance from suicidal thoughts. I learned to trust in God and surrender all my problems to Him. I committed my life to Him. Receiving salvation gave me peace and hope for a blessed life," said Bella.

After two months in the church she was delivered from suicidal thoughts and also found a job.

"I was able to support my child and buy her the things I could not before," she said.

In 2015, Bella was inspired to start her own fast food business which is now doing well, and she moved out of her aunt’s place.

"I am now independent and lack nothing. I understood that my mother was going through financial strain and she acted out of frustration when she chased me out. I started calling her and sending her money after I got a job. I now visit her often and we have a good relationship," said Bella.

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