11 January 2019

Humiliated and ashamed

After failing his final year at university because of ill health Patrick started losing confidence in himself and believed he was a failure.

Patrick felt deeply ashamed and he relocated to another province.

"I suffered from chronic fatigue and lost concentration in my studies. I eventually failed my third year dismally and lost the scholarship I had," said Patrick.

Unable to endure the humiliation and being told by his sister that he was a disgrace to the family because he was a university drop-out, Patrick relocated to Limpopo.

"Her words pierced like a knife in my heart. I started losing confidence in myself and believed I was a failure. In 2003, I was invited to the Universal Church.

I attended services on Tuesdays and asked God to heal me.  I continued attending services on Wednesdays for my spiritual development and I regained my confidence. At a service, I was encouraged to re-apply for my scholarship and I was approved. The following year I went back to complete my final year and I graduated in 2005. I am now employed by the company that paid for my studies.

My spiritual journey has taught me not to be anxious about anything in life, but to trust and depend on God for everything," said Patrick

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