11 January 2019

I became a slave in the name of love

Being physically abused by her partner, the father of her two children, while she was ill was the most painful experience for Fezeka. Her partner was jealous and accused her of cheating with other men.

"We had constant arguments. He was easily angered and his temper made me fear him. I did not drink alcohol, but he forced me to go with him to the tavern where he drank the whole night. He always wanted me to be with him because he believed I was cheating on him.

Every Friday we went to a tavern, even when I was not physically well.  I once had sharp pain in my right shoulder, and the pain was so severe that I could not perform my duties at work. The pain was so severe that I could not perform my duties at work. I went to different doctors who gave me tablets, but nothing eased the pain," said Fezeka.

She recalls the day when her partner beat her up for talking to another man.

"We were at a tavern when a man started a conversation with me, but my jealous partner thought I was cheating on him and he beat me up," said Fezeka.

In 1994 Fezeka was invited to the Universal Church and attended services for her life to change. She took part in the chains of prayer on Tuesdays for her healing and on Wednesdays for inner healing.

"I was healed of the pains I had for three years. I then decided to stop going to taverns with my partner because it was not a good place to hang around. I sought God's presence in my life.

I received strength and courage to do the right thing. I ended the relationship with him because I realised that he was not willing to change and we had no future together. I made peace with him and allowed him to see our children before he died. In 2008 my son passed away after a short illness. I was devastated, but the presence of God gave me the comfort I needed. I am now at peace and living a healthy lifestyle," said Fezeka.

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